Thursday, June 27, 2013

potty talk (consider yourself warned)

Whew. It's been two and a half months since I posted last! We have been super busy. Not really so busy I couldn't blog, but busy all the same. Spring is always a busy season...we are eager to get out and enjoy the nice weather, visit our favorite parks (and find new ones!) and meet up with friends at the zoo. We also got a pool membership this year and we're so happy we did! It's been great to have and it's not even actual summer yet. We go on weekday mornings for preschool hour (9-11am) and after dinner to get some sun and burn off some energy before bed.

This week has been especially crazy. Playdates, visits from family, the pool, the zoo...oof. Today we laid low and just went out to get Bennett's hair cut around 10. That turned into a 2-hour ordeal, what with the bank trip beforehand for cash and the hour and fifteen minute wait for the cut! By the time we left the kids were starving so we stopped for a $5 pizza at Little Ceasar's. Junk food saves the day.

I've decided this week was a good one to start potty-training-camp for Fletcher. A last ditch effort, one more try before I give up and revisit the idea in six months. Previously, I didn't consider him 'ready'...he never seems bothered by a wet or dirty diaper, he rarely tells us when he's gone (although he will answer correctly if we ask), he has never passed anything on the potty (despite sitting for up to 20 minutes at a time). We've tried offering mini marshmallows for elimination (anything, I'm not picky--I'd probably 'pay' for a fart at this point), we've bought underwear with his favorite characters on them ("We can't pee on Mr. Incredible!"), we've sat him on the potty while reading/singing/watching Ninja Turtles...nothing has worked. He doesn't want to be naked, he wants pants, he wants a diaper. I don't want to force the issue, I don't want it to be a big fight.

But. Well, a few things. A. I really want him to go to preschool this coming fall. He's already registered, and while the director has offered to refund me the registration fee if Fletcher does, in fact, not 'train' before school starts, I would love to not have to ask for that. I think he would love school, and I think he sort of needs it. Plus, his cousin and BFF might go this year, and it would be soooooooo cuuuuuuuute if they went together. (That's assuming we could get a spot in another school where his cousin would go, but that's beside the point [even though it was part of the point a second ago...stay with me].) Okay and B. I am starting to think he's a lot more 'ready' than I initially thought.

*He is fairly 'regular'...not as regular as he was as a baby/toddler, but I can usually expect him to go mid-morning at some point (we're talking #2 here). The other day at the pool he got out of the water and went to stand alone by some fountains. He pooped. I knew as soon as I saw him that's what he was doing--he doesn't necessary's more that he hides in plain view. He moves to the side and stands still, usually bent at the waist, leaning on something (in this case, a fake rock). He looks all cute and pensive until you realize what's happening. I was so annoyed because we had just gotten there. I shuffled him to the bathroom and changed him and wrapped his poopy (cloth, UGH) swim diaper in a disposable and crammed it in my beach bag, and he assured me, "I no more poop in pool!" and I took him for his word, because dammit, we had just gotten there.

Then yesterday, he was diaperless with shorts on for a couple of hours in the morning, until I eventually dressed him to leave the house. I sent him out to the garage to hop into the car and in the minute it took me to grab our snack bag for the park, he pooped. COME ON. So, I think/know, to some degree, he is holding it until it's an appropriate time. Obviously not every time--today's story coming in a bit--but twice in one week he's waited to poop until the time was...not right, but better (not in the pool/wearing a diaper).

Tonight we went on a walk--he hasn't pooped all day, and has peed only twice. This morning he was diaperless until we left for the barber, then wore a diaper for those two hours. He peed a little, but I put him down for nap without a diaper (by accident) and he woke up dry, and was dry all afternoon until he peed during dinner. On our walk, he tooted several times and spun around frantically to look and make sure nothing had come out (yep, just as funny as when dogs do it), sooo I know he needs to go. He's watching Ninja Turtles now, on the little potty. Ohpleaseohplease.

Okay. Now that I've rambled about potty training for far longer than is socially acceptable, I'll leave you (all two of you). I know you're all looking forward to my updates over the next few days. :P|

A week later...

Hmm. I really thought I had posted this, but I guess not. Anyway, not too much to update with...Fletcher DID pee on the potty twice last week (the first time he didn't realize it, the second time he popped up and told me he'd done it...progress!), but we haven't had luck with it since. Bummer. This past weekend we had dinner at Mike's parents' house, and we let Fletch go in underwear just to see what would happen. He peed in them outside and didn't even seem to notice, so. We're really up, for now. He's just not ready.

Occasionally he'll want to sit for an hour, insisting he has to go, but nothing comes out...and five minutes after he's had a diaper put on he'll pee or poop. The other day he was out back naked and dripped a few times, noticed that he dripped, but sat on the potty for half an hour with nothing coming out. What the heck?!  He's just not quite there yet! I think he subconsciously holds it (he will still go hours naked without going!)...not sure how to get past that, but my simple solution for the moment is to give up. :P I'm sincerely depressed about preschool, but oh well. It is what it is.

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  1. *Deep sigh* I'm there with you. I was really rooting for Fletcher because he seems pretty similar to Jack with regards to the potty. If you were able to buckle down and get him on board with going in the potty I was going to make you give me all the secrets! But yeah... I feel you. We're facing the Preschool issue too. Sucks.

    It's been awhile since our last attempt. We'll probably give it another shot a month or 6 weeks before the start of school :/